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Season Two

The Child

Production # 127
Iotia:DS93 Rating (/5): * * * 1/2
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Aired Week Of: 21 November, 1988
Order in Season 2: 1 Order in TNG: 27
Order for all Star Trek series: 132
Original Stardate: 42073.1
Order in Season 2: 1 Order in TNG: 27
Order for all Star Trek series: 135
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Synopsis - While ferrying samples of a deadly plague for study, Counselor Troi is impregnated by an alien life form. However, she remains pregnant for only six hours, after which time her son, Ian Andrew (named after her father), ages into an eight year old boy after twenty-seven hours. Meanwhile the plague samples begin to leak radiation.

The Child


Series' Regulars
Captain Jean-Luc Picard™ - Patrick Stewart
Commander William T. Riker™ - Jonathan Frakes
Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge™ - Levar Burton
Lt. Tasha Yar™ - Denise Crosby
Lietenant Worf™ - Michael Dorn
Counsellor Deanna Troi™ - Marina Sirtis
Lieutenant Commander Data™ - Brent Spiner
Ensign Wesley Crusher™ - Wil Wheaton

Doctor Kathrine Pulaski - Diana Muldaur
Guinan - Whoopi Goldberg
O'Brien™ - Colm Meany

Guest Cast

Written by:

Directed by: Rob Bowman

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